Dublin Core for WP

Dublin Core for WP was a WordPress plugin designed to set-up the number of comments per page shown in the admin area.

Adds the following Dublin Core metadata elements to posts and pages:

  • Site name as DC.publisher
  • Site URL as DC.publisher.url
  • Post title as DC.title
  • Permalink as DC.identifier
  • Date created as DC.date.created
  • Author (last name, first name) as DC.creator.name
  • Categories and tags as DC.subject (repeated element, excludes default category)
  • If WordPress 2.1 or higher, DC.language
  • If license is set, DC.rights.license
  • Author name as DC.rights.rightsHolder

An admin screen under Settings->DC4WP allows the user to set a global content license.

Author: Tim McCormack, Salvatore Vassallo, Joan Junyent, Alex Oberhauser (-). Contributors: -
Created on 2009-07-13 and last updated on 2010-07-14 7:39pm GMT. Downloaded 8986 times and rated -% by - users.
Download (Version 0.7.2 requires 2.1, tested with 3.0.5).

  1. Upload DC4WP.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Assign a content license URL (if desired) under Settings->DC4WP

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  • Add check for missing tags. This prevents a bug where pages sometimes throw an error due to not having tags. (Working on reproducing this.)


  • Added DC.date redundancy


  • Added some redundant unqualified DC terms for Zotero compatibility


  • Change DC.creator to DC.creator.name (make room for other creator info), use last-name-first format
  • Add tags to the DC.subject list (finally!)


  • Change DC.subject from semicolon-delimited list to repeated tag (thanks, Alex Oberhauser!)


  • Defaut category excluded from DC.subject
  • DC.language
  • DC.rights.license and DC.rights.rightsHolder
  • Admin screen allowing user to set the license (saved to DB)


  • Reorganization and code cleanup


  • Salvatore Vassallo adds DC.creator and DC.subject


  • First version.

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Image credits: Robin Upton + ZyMOS