Around this date in the past…

Around this date in the past… – Widget Edition is a WordPress plugin designed in order to retreive posts from the past a few days around today. 

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It shows around this date entries/posts in the past (if they exist). It is highly customizable. By default it retreives a week around the current day 1 year ago.


You can set the parameters from the widgets panel

Configuration parameters

$before = Code will show before links. Defaults to 'This week last year…: '
$after = Code will show after links. Defaults to ''
$daysbefore = Days' posts that will show before one year ago. By default '3' (3 days before)
$daysafter = Days' posts that will show after one year ago. By default '3' (3 days after)
$mode = Select the mode that you want the widget to work. By default '1' (X years ago)
    Mode 1: get posts around this date from X years ago.
    Mode 2: get posts around this date for the last X years.
    Mode 3: get posts around this date since year X.
$yearsago = It shows “X” years ago posts. By default '1' (1 year). ONLY IF MODE 1 IS SELECTED.
$lastxyears = It shows posts por the last "X" years. By default '1' (1 year). ONLY IF MODE 2 IS SELECTED.
$sinceyear = It shows posts since the year "X". By default '2005' (since year 2005). ONLY IF MODE 3 IS SELECTED.
$limit = Number of posts to retrieve. By default '4'.
$none = Text shown when there are no posts. By default 'none'. 
$showdate = Show dates next to the links. By default unchecked.
$dateformat = Format of the date displayed next to the links (if checked). See 
$showexcerpt = Show the excerpt next to the links. By default unchecked.<h3>Customize display</h3>

In adition to the options avaliable from the widget control panel you can highly customize the apearance of the output by using CSS. These are the classes avaliable:
ul.atd-list {} // base list container.
li.atd-year {} // Yearly headers.
atd-yXXXX {} //yearly based class, eg. atd-y2006, atd-y2005 …
ul.atd-yearlylist {} // list container for each year around this date posts.
li.atd-entry {} // list items containing each around this date posts.
atd-yXXXX {} //yearly based class, eg. atd-y2006, atd-y2005 …
atd-mXX {} //montly based class, eg. atd-m01, atd-m02 … atd-m12.
atd-dXX {} //dayly based class, eg. adt-d01, atd-d02 … atd-d31.
atd-XXXXXXXX {} //date based class, eg. atd-20061205, atd-20050304 …
li.atd-noentries {} // list item when there are no entries
a.atd-entry-title {} // Link to the post.
.atd-entry-date {} // span containing the date, if $showdate enabled.
.atd-entry-excerpt {} // span containing the excerpt, if $showexcerpt enabled.


This plugin is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL License (don't remove credits to author, please)
See license.txt for details<h3>Credits and Acknowledgments</h3>

This plugin is based on:
– “One year ago” plugin released by Borja Fernandez. [ ] [ ]
– “Wayback” plugin released by Chris Goringe. [ ] [ ]
– Wayback Widget released by Sven Weidauer. [ ] [ ]
– My plugin Around this date in the past. [ ]

Thanks to Borja Fernandez, Chris Goringe and Sven Weidauer for writing their plugins and to Luis Pérez and Mike Koepke for their contributions.


Nothing else planed by now.

  • Author: Joan Junyent Tarrida (-). Contributors: jjunyent, cinefilo
  • Created on 2007-03-16 and last updated on 2010-09-29 6:19pm GMT. Downloaded 4627 times and  rated -% by - users.
  • Download  (Version 0.8 requires 2.0, tested with 2.8).
  • Installation:
    1. Once downloaded the file, uncopress it and upload it through FTP to the server where your WordPress blog is hosted.
    2. Copy it to the folder /wp-content/plugins/ (you can also copy it to /wp-content/plugins/widgets/ in order to have all the widegts together) .
    3. Activate it through the plugin management screen.
    4. Go to “Themes” > “Sidebar Widgets” and drag and drop the widget wherever you want to show it.
  • Screenshots: Array
  • Changelog:


    • Added a dashboard widget (WP 2.7+)


    • Bugfixing release. Show excerpts when present, now for real 🙂
    • Remove the [caption] tags if present on the exerpt
    • Remove &quotes; in titles


    *XHTML validation


    • $limit variable now works again
    • Adapted the Database query to the new $wpdb->prepare structure


    • Added atd-noentries class


    • Bugfixing release. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.
    • Ordering in SQL statement wasn’t specify which column to order on
    • Added post_type qualifier to SQL statement as pages would be pulled as well
    • Added new year subtitle display option to hide the year sublist text
    • PostExcerpt and Date weren’t working correctly
    • Code cleanup.
    • Cosmetic changes in output


    • Bugfixing release. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.
    • New options weren’t initilized correctly when upgrading.
    • Control Screen cleaned up.


    • All displayed in a single list with yearly sublists.
    • NEW Feature: display date and/or excerpt.
    • NEW Feature: added CSS markup to allow maximum flexibility on display.


    • Fixed a bug when calling get_old_posts().


    • Fixed a bug when having & in post’s title. Isolated repetitive code in its own function. Changes contributed by Mike Koepke.


    • Fixed a bug when having quotes in post’s title. Thanks to Mike Koepke for bug repporting and helping with fixing.


    • Added 2 new modes, last X years and since year X.
    • Corrected bug in $start_ago and $end_ago.


    • XHTML valid. Thanks to to Luis Pérez


    • Added the $daysbefore and $daysafter parameters.


    • Now the limit option works, for real 😉


    • First release. I decided to start on version 0.5 because of preserving version relation with “One year ago” plugin.
  • FAQ:

    None yet

Image credits: (flickr)